Advent Day 21

First off, how on earth is it the 21st already?!?!?! I seriously cannot even believe it! Where on earth did the time go? Ok, now that that’s over, for today we had our Annie Shanni and Annie D (that’s how the girls say it so that’s how we spell it) come over for a tea/cider party. You may remember theSpicy She Cider from last year. It’s so good we couldn’t help but make it again this year. We whipped that together this morning, and when my sisters got here we threw down our mat, filled our mugs, and sat down for our Christmas tea. I found some macarons at Aldi this morning too, so Laney girl plated those for us and brought them over. I’m not the biggest fan of them, but they were gone within a matter of minutes.




Advent Day 20

Last summer Land of Nod had a really good sale + free shipping. And I had had my eye on these adorable little unicorns for awhile. SO I bought those babies right up, and when they arrived I put them in my secret hiding place for all my gifts and waited. and waited. and waited. until Christmas time when I wrapped them up and hid them in the laundry room for the girls to find and unwrap this morning. I didn’t label them. I thought it would be more fun if they decided who opened which ones (plus I thought it would equal less fighting). It worked! And the girls played with those unicorns all day. In fact, they are all snuggled up in bed with them now.