Style Me Saturday

After you have kids. Everyone tells you to make sure you do something for yourself every day-even something little. I’ve come to realize how important this is in my life. Now, don’t get me wrong, what this looks like for every momma is SO DIFFERENT! I think it’s easy for us to look at one another and compare, thinking someone else’s thing is better or more impressive than ours. But the truth of the matter is as long as it’s your thing, and it makes you happy, and it somehow makes you a better mom/wife/person, I think you’re pretty good. For me, my thing, is trying to look cute. I know, saying it like that sounds totally lame. But for real, I feel better about myself, about my day, when I look like I did something with myself. I’m not kidding. That’s the little thing I try to do for myself every day. I am in no way saying that this should be anybody else’s thing. Some people like to cook, or bake, or clean, or read, or watch t.v., or flip through magazines, etc. etc. etc. No one is better than ¬†the other, they’re all simply different. So how about we start appreciating each other’s “things” instead of comparing .

For those of you who don’t know, I am 12 weeks pregnant-with twins. Now, I don’t know about you, but being pregnant brings a whole new set of problems with looking and feeling cute. For one, maternity clothes are expensive! Two, it doesn’t take long for them to feel worn or dated. Three, you’re terribly uncomfortable, which just complicates everything. Four, you’re getting bigger by the day, which doesn’t always feel the most flattering. Five, it takes some time to adjust being in your new skin-on a regular basis. These are only a few of the bumps in the road when it comes to feeling great about your bump. And again, everyone is different. So these issues look different for different people.

Well, I have a few tips for those of you preggie mommas who are wondering what to do with their ever changing bodies. For me, this is my 5th pregnancy, and I don’t plan on doing this again. That being said, I don’t want to pour a bunch of money into clothing that I can wear for the next 9 months and then never again. Some pieces, like jeans, you just have to suck up and buy. BUT for all the others, I’m really trying to buy things that will work before, during, and after pregnancy. Right now, a great solution is Lu La Roe.

I’m SURE you’ve heard of this great company. They are all about looking good, and feeling comfortable. While I don’t sell it, I have a few friends who do, and I’ve been to a few parties. If you don’t attend a party, you can buy most of it online, through Facebook, etc…One of my current favorite things to wear is the Irma in medium. It’s crazy comfortable, I like the way it lays, and there’s plenty of room to grow.

img_0440The leggings are also Lu La Roe and everything you’ve heard about them is true. They are buttery soft and feel so good on. Right now I still fit into the One Size. But I’m fairly certain I’ll have to switch to the Tall and Curvy as I continue to grow.

img_0438img_0413img_0421img_0415Tunic: Lu La Roe Irma, medium

Leggings: Lu La Roe, one size

Puffy Vest: Old Navy, similar

Boots: old, Target, similar

Earrings: Nickel and Suede-hint, these , as well as all their other earrings are on sale for 20% off until tomorrow. Discount will be shown in cart

Wrap Bracelet: Nickel and Suede

Necklace: Premier Design Jewelry, Tango

Beaded bracelet: Noonday Collection

Style Me Saturday – Preschool Style

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Oh this little lady. I told her I wanted to get a picture of her in her super cute outfit and she immediately struck this pose. What can I say? She’s a natural! But really, I am seriously crushing on these fall boots and wool hat. I wish they had both in my size. The hat is from Target, and the shoes were a gift from someone who found them at either a garage sale or Goodwill maybe. Either way, I’m pretty sure they’re originally from Target. This little gal is crazy picky about what she wears-she always has been. Fortunately, florals are almost always a win with her. I saw this outfit at Kohl’s and knew she would be in love. I was so grateful it was finally cool enough to warrant wearing it. It’s one of my new faves-and one of hers too. She wore this ensemble to the Southport Vintage Marketplace this morning, which, by the way, was really fun. I’d be lying if I said there was no lack of compliments on that sweet sweet hat of hers. What sorts of clothing do your littles like wearing this fall?