Advent Day 13

Today is yet another childhood favorite of mine. Oranges with peppermint sticks. I really don’t know why it’s so darn good, but it is. First, you take your orange and roll it around and squish it to release all those juices.

Then you stab your peppermint stick into the side. Then you drink out of it like a straw.


Maybe it sounds weird, but believe me, it’s delicious. And all three of my girls LOVE it!


Just look at those happy little faces.

Advent Day 12

You guys. It’s amazing how much joy a tin can of popcorn can bring. For real. My mom bought one for us to use for the calendar and I hid it under the tree for the girls to find. They talked about that popcorn-and the tin it was in-ALL DAY! Talk about a win. I really can’t stress enough how it’s all in the little things.