Advent-Day 7 2017


Today is always one of my favorite days-A COLORING DATE! The Peanuts coloring books are always my fave, and they usually have them in the Target dollar spot. I grabbed 4 of them this year-one for each of us girls. 🙂 I hid them under the tree skirt for them to find. Daddy even joined in on the fun this year.


Advent-Day 6 2017


We kept today nice and simple. My mom bought them these adorable little Christmas cookie boxes-they each got one. I hid them under their pillows while they were getting ready this morning, just to make it a little more fun. It was so cute to hear their sweet little feet running up the stairs and down the hall to see what they had hiding in their beds. And then when they came down the stairs begging for me to let them eat the cookies. It’s the little things, folks. I hope they never lose that.