Work It With What You’ve Got


I LOVE getting new clothes. There’s just something about it. They make you feel g.o.o.d. However, new clothes are not always in the budget. Especially when you’re buying for 5 people. That being said, when I shop for clothing, I try to find classic styles that will last me at least a few years. Now, I’m not saying I don’t ever buy “trendy” clothes, but that’s not where I spend the bulk of my money. The outfit I’m showing you today I put together from things that I’ve had in my closet for awhile.


I’m still in this weird phase where I can’t lose the weight I gained from the twins we lost. So finding clothes that I actually feel good in (and that still fit) is definitely a win (and a challenge). I don’t want to buy a ton of new clothes that I won’t be using for a long time.


So into my closet I head every morning trying to find something that works, fits, and looks cute. Also, on a side note, we’re working on this whole posing thing. I am NOT a natural. ūüėÖ


These ankle boots are basically my favorite. I have flat feet, and when I don’t wear supportive shoes, or my orthotics, my feet KILL. Needless to say, I have a slim selection of shoes that I wear on a regular basis. These are one of those pairs. I love that I can wear them in any season and with basically any look. They look great with dresses, skinny jeans, graphic tees, or flowy blouses. Talk about more bang for your buck! I found them on¬†for about $30 last August. It took a lot of searching and waiting to find them, but, oh, they were so worth the wait! These¬†are pretty similar.


These beautiful pale pink capris are from Kohl’s. They’ve been in my closet for a few years, and I love pulling them out every Spring. I will admit that as much as I love them, they aren’t terribly kid friendly. I get something on them every. time. I wear them. However, they wash up really well, and so far I haven’t gotten any noticeable stains! Fingers crossed!

My sweater (which is actually a t-shirt), as well as my necklace and jacket are all from Target. I bought the sweater years and years ago-like, before I had kids-off of the clearance rack. I wear it every year, and love the texture it gives my outfit. A lovely friend bought the necklace for me as a birthday gift a couple of years ago-I get compliments on it every time I wear it. As for the jacket, my mom bought this for me as a birthday present WHEN I WAS IN HIGH SCHOOL!!! Or maybe I was just out of high school…either way, it was around 10 years ago. Talk about a classic! I have always loved this jacket. Unfortunately, it’s time for a new one. This one is still in great shape, but it’s been a little tight around my arms for several of those 10 years. I just haven’t wanted to fork over the cash for a new one¬†yet. I have been eyeing this one though. I don’t like it quite as much as the original, but it’s still a great jacket. This is definitely one item that I would say every woman needs in her closet. It makes for a great go-to, light jacket that you can pull out at least 3 seasons of the year. I also have one in a dusty rose color. I’m telling you, you can’t go wrong with this one.


My earrings are from my absolute favorite earring makers Nickel & Suede. I am admittedly a little bit obsessed. I’ve actually lost count of how many pairs I have. At least 10. But here’s the thing. I have very sensitive ears, and if my earrings are even a tiny bit heavy, I have to take them out midday and then deal with sore ear lobes for a few hours after. These earrings, however, are made with leather. Which means they are basically weightless. I cannot get enough of them. They have so many different colors and textures, plus they make some seriously beautiful bracelets and chokers too. You should definitely check them out.

And that’s it! It can be really difficult to be in this awkward stage, and trying to work with the things that do fit, can get tiresome. I’ve just been challenging myself to look at what I have with fresh eyes, pair things together that I haven’t tried yet, and to keep things creative. I hope this helps you¬†to maybe see what you have in your closet with fresh eyes and a new perspective. I would love to see what you put together! Show me below in the comments.


*This is not a sponsored post.



I don’t know where to start, really. To be honest, I don’t actually know what I’m talking about. Right now I’m feeling all the feels, and the best way for me to process that is to write. Sometimes I just get this inspiration-this urgency-to write. Stop everything. Get out of bed. Go downstairs. Grab¬†my laptop. And write. So here I am. Writing. Processing. Wandering.

I’ve stepped away from this whole blogging thing for a minute. Not intentionally. Not at all on purpose. Not for any one specific reason. But I have. Mostly, it’s a lot of work. Take the pictures. Load the pictures. Find something to write about. Write the things. Add the pictures. Edit it. Publish it. Let people know that you published it. It doesn’t sound like a lot. But it FEELS like a lot. Especially since it’s so hard to write when I hear “mom……mom…..mommy……..” in the middle of every sentence. It’s usually best that I wait for the kids to go to bed before I write another post. So that’s one reason. Another reason? Writing about Judah was exhausting. So. So. Exhausting. Honestly, I wasn’t really expecting that. Sure, I expected it to be hard. But boy, WAS IT HARD! I felt so drained after every post. I have no regrets. I’m so grateful I was able to get that part of our story out there. But I think I just really needed a little bit of a breather after that one. In addition to all that, we’ve just been insanely busy. We went on vacay to California for a week, had Eleanor’s birthday, and then my birthday, the big girls had their recital, I’m still working on my 20 Mile March purge (which is so close to being done, by the way), plus I started selling LipSense and Usborne Books (which was more time consuming than I anticipated). But I feel like things may just be starting to settle down a bit.

I’m going to get real here for a minute. Take it or leave it. I honestly believe God has big plans for me and this little blog. I really think it’s going to go places. Not because there’s anything special about me or what I have to say. But because I serve a God who loves His people and who wants those people to live in community-sharing each other’s burdens, lifting each other up, encouraging one another. And I think that can come in all sorts of forms. I think it can look like¬†sharing our stories, like telling each other our favorite easy recipes, giving some fashion advice so we can all feel a little more beautiful, showing sweet moments with our kids. The sky is the limit really. ¬†I believe¬†the Lord has given me something to say, and I need to say it. I think people need to hear it. Because I need to hear it. Sometimes, I really need to hop on my computer and read what somebody else is doing, see what they’re walking through, and how they’re walking through it. Why? BECAUSE THEN I FEEL LIKE I’M NOT DOING IT ALONE. And I think that’s the point.

There’s this little part of me that’s scared of that reality. Do I really want my blog to get big? To reach people? That’s a pretty big responsibility. Sometimes that holds me back. And then there’s this other part of me that says, “What if you’re wrong? What if you pour your heart and soul into this and it never reaches anyone? What then?” Maybe it sounds silly, but I actually sometimes get this visual in my head of people pointing at me and laughing, because I’m a failure. When really, at the end of the day, if I don’t succeed by “blogging standards”, so what? Who really cares? I gave it my all and that’s all that really matters anyway, right? Guys, really. I don’t know what I’m saying. I’m so tired, but “all the feels” are keeping me from my sleep. Sometimes I wish my brain came with an “on/off” switch.

Anyway, if you could, would you pray for me? I need some guidance, some encouragement. It takes a lot of courage to just put yourself and all your feelings and emotions and things like that out there. Especially for me. I like to pretend like everything is all good, all the time. I’m super strong and can handle anything that life throws at me without ever cracking. I don’t really need anybody’s help because I can do it all on my own. Seriously? Who do I even think I am? That kinda livin is a lie. And so not good for me. I’m working on it. Believe it or not, I’ve actually come kind of a long way. But, boy oh boy, do I have a looooooong way to go.

If you’re still here with me, thanks for sticking with it. Sorry for my ramblings, and sorry for being all over the place with this post. Who knows, I may even wake up in the morning, read it, and then decide to delete it because it doesn’t make any sense. But at least I feel like I can sleep now. #writingtherapy I don’t even have a good way to sum it all up so I’m just gonna say bye. Goodnight. I hope this post doesn’t stop you from reading other posts. See ya!