Advent Day 5

Ok, confession time. I saw this pin on Pinterest for a cute little handprint Christmas tree. I figured we had what we needed to make it and it seemed simple enough. Let me tell you. While it was simple, it was way more time consuming than I expected. Of course, there are a few things we could have done differently to have made it easier and less time consuming, but we didn’t…lesson learned. I also couldn’t fall asleep last night until around 3:30 and I’ve been dragging all day, so that could have contributed to that whole time factor thing. Either way, I’m going to share with you all what we did today.



So usually this craft requires green paper. Which I could have sworn we had some. But when I went to grab it, there was none. So what do you do when you don’t have what you need? You improvise! We painted white paper green and then waited for it to dry. #timeconsuming. But honestly, I kind of like the texture it gives to the finished product. Plus, it gives it a little bit more of the girls’ personality.

Once the paint dried, I traced the girls’ hand prints on the paper they had painted. (I traced Eleanor’s on the one I had painted-which was hilarious, by the way). I also traced Eleanor’s onto a brown piece of paper and a yellow piece of paper, for the trunk and the star.


After tracing their hands, we I cut them out and edged them with glue. Bless her heart, Lane tried to do the glue, but it was “too hard for her little hands” as she told me.


THEN-and this is the part where I will tell you to proceed with caution-we sprinkled gold glitter onto the glue.


Ok. So the glitter (and the glue) added a bunch more time onto the project. We started out pinching the glitter and sprinkling it on. But Lane got pretty frustrated having it stick to her fingers (thanks, glue!) so she had the brilliant idea to go and grab a baby spoon to scoop up the glitter and then sprinkle it on. Not only did we use less glitter that way, it also worked way better. So, way to go Lane! I’m proud of you for thinking so intuitively. I love that little creative side of her brain!

Once we glittered all of our hands, we set them out to dry.


After they were (mostly) dry (momma lost her patience), I arranged them on half a piece of poster board. And then I glued them down.

I wrote the year on the bottom and wrote in tiny little writing which hands belonged to which girls. Then I hung it on our wall.


Tada! This is the girls trying to figure out whose hands are whose. They were pretty proud of themselves!

So moral of the story, if you want this to be a simple, quick craft, make sure that you have green construction paper and then be smart and choose to not use glue and glitter (because it’s the devil).Doing it that way, you’ll save time doing the craft, and cleaning up after! Because let’s be honest folks, cleaning up glitter takes just as much time as the craft itself (if not longer).

A few notes, if you read my post yesterday, you’ll remember how I went on and on about my Gathre mat. Well, I’m not done. For this craft we used our mini Gathre mats. I know you can use newspaper or something like that underneath, but then your project sticks to it, not to mention that you also have to have some lying around. And I can never figure out how to make piles of newspaper or ads look pretty. (If you have a way, please clue me in). But the mini mats are perfect for this type of thing.


But also, PLEASE keep in mind that we were using the kid’s Crayola washable paint, and then Elmer’s School Glue. DO NOT use acrylic paint on your mats. It won’t wipe off. This paint, however, wiped up like a dream. And the glue came off really easily too. And the glitter, well, it’s glitter so it still took a good amount of elbow grease, but it was still easier than what I had to clean off of the table. Ok. I’m done now. For today at least. Seriously check out these mats.

Things I Love Friday


What’s the start of great makeup? GREAT SKIN! One of the best ways to get great skin? Let me tell you…

After I stopped breastfeeding my youngest, I. broke. out. Like a teenager. It was awful. My skin legitimately hadn’t been like that since I was 16 and had to start using ProActive. While that stuff was great and worked wonders for me. I really didn’t feel like singing up to receive it in the mail all over again and then having to cancel. Blah. SO I tried several different skin care brands with less than desirable results. And then I went to a L’Bri party. I tried the product, got a sample to bring home, used it for about a month, and my skin looked and felt AMAZING. L’Bri uses only natural, gentle ingredients and their products are aloe based. At the party, the consultant said the return rate for people who try the product is 84%. That’s how good it is. If you would like to try a sample, you can order it on their website . The sample is free when you pay $6.95 for shipping and handling. And the sample lasted me about a month using it both day and night. They have several different lines based on your skin type. I went with the Oil Control this time because my skin was out of control. I also use their Facial Masque and Rejuvenating Facial Peel, both of which are amazing! I’ve used this specific set for about two months and as you can see, there’s still plenty left, so I would say it’s definitely  worth the price. I always like to look at my skin as an investment. If I put the time and right products to work now, my skin will benefit now AND later. Win, win, win! I’m not advertising or selling or anything, this product has just been a real life changer for me. On a side note, the link to the website does go directly to my personal consultant’s site. She’s taken great care of me and I know she’ll do the same for you! Give it a try! Order the sample set or have a party if you’d like, risk free. Either way, you will not be disappointed.