Create February 2019

Do you guys know my sister, Shannon? She’s an amazing, kind hearted, loving, funny, talented woman. She’s also an artist. There’s a whole line of paintings that she’s done called Cat and Mouse. The picture above is one of them. They are a couple of sweet, unlikely friends that bring a glimmer of hope and light to the world. While I love all of her art, these two characters hold a special place in my heart. I think she would tell you the same thing.

Do you know my sister, Danielle? She is an equally amazing, kind hearted, loving, funny, and talented woman. Funny enough, she happens to be a budding artist as well. But beyond that, she’s also a talented writer. Now me, I have this blog, I love to write…can anybody maybe see where I’m going with this? Go ahead. Make a guess. And then peak down to the next paragraph to see if you’re right.

My sisters and I have often talked about creating children’s books together. I think I’ve always had it deep down that I could (and that I wanted to) write a children’s book. It feels like something that has always distantly called to me. Danni has been writing her own books since she was young. And Shannon just creates the sweetest little pictures. It only makes sense that we would team up, and try to make something happen. We have specifically talked long and hard about creating a Cat and Mouse series. While we’ve both taken a couple of shots at writing to these precious pictures, we haven’t quite “landed on” anything yet. Danni did write a really sweet, rhyming prose for them. But for me, it’s always been one of “those things” on my to do list that I really want to do, but may never actually get around to doing.

Enter my #create2019 goal. I knew that I had to put it on my list. And put it on soon. I decided that February would be the month. I was all excited, and rearing to go. Then I sat down and tried to write. Nothing came, so I put it off. I talked with Shannon about what she wanted her characters to be like, what kinds of stories she wanted, what kind of layout she had been dreaming of. In her typical Shannon style, she was super laid back about and said something like, “Just write what comes to your heart.” Ok, so it may not have been that exactly. But I think you get the gist.

The thing is, these two characters are extra super special extraordinary. Shannon’s normal job is as an ASL interpreter (which is pretty bad a** if you ask me). This being the case, she sees a lot of really hard, unfair things. She has seen so many ways in which life can be unfair. When she has the worst of days, she comes home and she paints Cat and Mouse. She paints a little light, and a little hope into the world. There’s a lot of heart and depth behind these guys. It’s more than just a drawing. So think about that. And then think about trying to write a children’s book that honors those things about them. Think about trying to write a story that uses these special friends to help soothe the soul. Yikes! That’s a lot of pressure. And I froze. I just got stuck and could not put to words the meaning that they hold.

I wrote a little something, and didn’t know how I felt about it. My sisters said it was cute and asked why I wasn’t sure about it. I said I didn’t know. Then last night, Shannon texts me and says, ” I think I know what’s missing from your stories. I think it’s missing you. Your heart, and what you’ve seen and been through.” She essentially told me to stop over thinking it. Stop looking at it as a children’s book, stop worrying about it being perfect, and just write! She told me to try every different format, to go here and there and everywhere and just find what works. So I did.

You know what? It worked. I typed up a few different ideas before I decided to try something totally new. I opened up my notes and started to type away. This may sound a little bragg-y. That’s not how I mean it. I love what I came up with. It’s simple, and deep, but not overstated. It gives me chills and makes me teary eyed when I read it. I sent it Shannon’s way and she said, “It’s perfect!”

I wish I could share with you now, but I can’t. It will have to wait. Maybe, just maybe one day you’ll see what I wrote. I hope that’s the case. But for now, it’s for me. And for Shannon and Danni. And a select few others. Either way, I finally feel accomplished with my February goal. I honestly thought that for a moment there, I would have to check it off as a “tried but failed.” So thanks, Shanni, for giving me the push I needed.

As far as the other Cat and Mouse prints, along with a slew of other Shannon Sweeney Originals, you can look at, or purchase them here.

I’m so excited for my March goals! And I’m excited about what the future may hold for Cat and Mouse. Now, does anybody know how to publish a children’s book?



Guys. I am so, completely, utterly, 100% not qualified for this. I’m crazy unorganized, I like results more than “the journey”, I have things to say, but who really wants to hear them? I’m sitting in Starbucks right now scared senseless. For real. I care far too much what other people think of me instead of reminding myself how HE thinks of me. If you were sitting here with me, you would probably laugh at me as I squirm in my chair, trying to adjust my laptop so people can’t see what I’m doing (or how poorly I’m doing it #technilogicallyimparied). I’m so afraid people will look at me and think, “why on earth is she standing up? Who does she think she could possibly reach? She looks like such an idiot…” For. Real.

But here I am. Trying to stand in the calling God has for me. Trying to stand up and be heard. Trying to make an impact. In a world so saturated with some seriously amazing bloggers, it’s hard to feel like I could have a place among them. It’s hard to imagine being “seen”. While I tend to be insecure by nature, I also know that there is a very real enemy feeding me these lies of “not good enough,” “don’t try,” “it’s not worth it”, the list goes on and on. Fill in the blank and I’ve probably thought it-or believed it. I’m really good at telling others to face their personal demons. I’m not as good at doing it. But I’m ready to move forward. I’m ready to fight this fight. Because my story is worth it. And so is yours.

Ya’ll, I have seen some hard times. Really, really, really hard times. You can read a little bit about that here.  And I refuse to stand by and let the short lives my boys lived be in vain. I refuse to let them not make the biggest possible impact. I refuse to let the enemy win. Give me grace as I figure this out, as I stand and commit. I’m so excited, but honestly, I’m really, really scared. Being vulnerable, honest, real-those things aren’t my strong suit. I like living in a world where people think I’m super strong and can handle (on my own, thank you very much) whatever life throws my way. But that kind of living is a lie, and I won’t stand for it any longer. I can’t do it by myself. You can’t do it by yourself. None of us can. I’ve learned some hard lessons along the way. I still have so much learning to do. But hey, let’s share with one another. Let’s share all these things that we have learned. Let’s get honest, real, raw with one another. Life lived together is life worth living. Thanks for tagging along on my journey. I can’t wait to see what it has in store.


P.S.-this picture of my girls is what I strive for. To spin around with the people I love in complete, and utter joy-not caring what the world around me thinks. It’s amazing how they inspire me.