Advent Days 24-25

Happy New Years everyone!!!! I have not forgotten to post about our final 2 days of advent, I have just been insanely busy (or way too much in relax mode to pull out my laptop). Either way, I’m here now.

I have to admit. Days 24-25 are the hardest for me. We are so busy both days, it’s hard to think of something to do. For day 24 we were supposed to color Christmas cards to give to people at all of our parties. BUT because we were SO BUSY it ended up that just Raegan and I colored one card each-and mostly in the car between parties. Either way, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and we were so busy, the other two didn’t mind at all.

For day 25, we went to Chick-Fil-A for breakfast-like, 2 days later. Haha. Yeah. Christmas day can be so tricky. I was telling Blake that I would love to start a fun new tradition for Christmas evening. I feel like we usually have absolutely nothing to do/look forward to that night, and I tend to get antsy just sitting around all day. It’s really nice for the first half of the day, after opening presents, and then enjoying those presents, but by about 3:00-4:00 I’m ready to get moving and do something. I really want something that is low stress/fun/easy. We tossed around the idea of game night or movie night, but haven’t landed on anything yet. I would LOVE to hear any ideas any of you might have.

Because I got no pictures whatsoever of days 24-25, I thought I would leave you with some of Christmas morning.


I hope you all had a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Here’s to 2017!

P.S.-don’t forget to share your Christmas Night traditions/ideas for me to steal!


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